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    Food Mind

    Please be nice to each other.

    And now for something completely different. Today was the first day of the annual Veganmania in Vienna. It’s like a summer festival that takes place in various cities in Germany and…

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    Body Book reviews Yoga

    Hell-Bent, Bikram and me

    Today I am back with a book review! Benjamin Lorr: Hell-Bent. Obsession, pain and the search for something like transcendence in competitive yoga. New York 2014. First thing I noticed when…

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    On trust

    Last Tuesday before the actual lecture begun, the professor started talking about trust. He told us that he has to walk quite a detour from his office to the lecture room…

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    Meditation Yoga

    What is Yoga?

    Wikipedia says the following: Yoga (Sanskrit: योग ) is the physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India with a view to attain a state of permanent…


    A new chapter

    Who would have thought this? While attending a lecture in a different department (south-east-asian-studies) than the one I am writing my thesis in (celtic studies), I would get the encouragement that…