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  • Body Food Mind Vegan Yoga

    Why I’m vegan

    If you would have asked me 8 years ago about veganism I would have said: “Whoa, that’s nothing for me! Way too extreme!” – keep in mind that I had been…

  • Yoga

    My Top 10 Savasana Songs

    Music plays such a huge role in my life, that it naturally influences my classes as well. My playlists are always thought through and usually timed with a sequence. When it…

  • Mind Yoga

    Interview with Dylan Werner – Part II

    Finally! I am very happy to present the second part of my interview with Dylan Werner in September in Vienna. After the yoga-question part I asked some more random questions to…

  • Body Mind Yoga

    Why I love Vinyasa Flow

    Love is a strong word we sometimes use overabundantly. I thought for a long time if I should be using that word in that sense, but I came to the conclusion…

  • Meditation Mind Yoga

    Blinded by the likes

    Are you having blind spots because of your likes and dislikes? And if you have, would you even realize it? Our identity is shaped by what we like and dislike. We generally bond…

  • Travels Yoga

    My Mumbai Experience

    When you travel to India as a western yogi, you’ve probably heard and read a lot about this fascinating country already. However much you think you know though – it will…